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Our goal is to create an added value Cash Flow Management Platform and to empower companies to better managing. Cash is King and a healthy cash flow means your business is protected and can still run while you’re sorting those kinds of problems out. That's why we built this sophisticated cloud platform because all the traditional cash flow management process are based on spreadsheet and any Finance Manager knows that is too hard and too slow for today's agile businesses. With our honorary we're delivering a powerful new generation of Cash Flow Management.

Control of your Actual Cash Flow

You can gain an overview of the daily Cash Flows Management and helps your company from unusual inflows and outflows. Navigate to the Cash Flow Detail Report and display analytical the line item details for each cash flow movement.

Manage your Budget Cash Flow

You have several options for creating your analytical Budget Cash Flow Statement. Sophisticated reports allow you to predict Cash Flow by Profit Center or by Company so that you can see who pays you on time and who’s delinquent.

Drill Down Reporting

Cash Flow statement analysis are based hierarchical and you can perform analyses on the basis of actual or budget data (in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly base). A dialog-oriented information system capable of analyzing any account transactions figures.

Cash is King - Profit is Theory

Actually a company before make a profit need to survive and to have enough cash to pay the bills, salary, raw materials, rent etc. So companies who is committed to put their business on a solid financial footing, Cash Flow must always be the first priority.

Consolidated Monitoring

The platform provides you with a centralized management and consolidated monitoring solution. Also provides to any group of company (or to a company with multi profit centers) an integrated business monitoring, fast, flexible and real-time alerts.

Know your Business Future

Knowing how much cash will be on hand your business will be able to see the direct effects of making certain business decisions on your cash flow. If your projected budgets are on track you can make better predictions in the future by using less funds.

Features & Benefits

More profitable decision-making with a complete set of tools!

Discover how CashFlowCockpit is designed to provide real-time Cash Flow Management, through a dedicated cloud based solution.

Record analytical all type of actual inflow or outflow transactions, by cheque, cash, credit card, or any direct bank transfer and parallel you can choose on daily basis to reconcile your CashFlowCockpit records to the paper statement you receive from your bank. Also one of the biggest advantage is that you have always on real time information about the current Cash & Cash Equivalents of your company or of your group of companies.

Record any approved cost for your company during the preparation for your annual budget, as the CashFlowCockpit enables detailed planning of inflows or outflows for a given time period. CashFlowCockpit allows companies to include the pursuance of an accurate and efficient budgeting process captured in a unified system.

Successful you can maximize your productivity and spend less time reporting and more time analyzing the how and why of financial events. Using the real-time reporting on consolidated data, shrink the time and cost of financial close and reporting cycles and close the MIS reporting at record speed.

Dividing your company up into profit centers allows you to determine profit for internal areas of responsibility and to analyze them on detail. Also you can determine inflows or outflows by profit center using them as investment centers and to delegate responsibility to decentralized units, thus treating them as “companies within the company”.

Multi-currency allows you with the easier way to process and settle transactions in more than one currency. So it is very useful to charge from your overseas customers or suppliers in their own currency and remove the need to calculate conversion rates for any actual or budget transaction.

For advance security reasons, user roles defines permissions for users to perform a group of tasks. There are some predefined roles with a predefined set of permissions like Administrator, Controller, Editor etc.User roles include a certain number of set tasks it is allowed to perform, in order to facilitate administration of security especially in large corporations with many users and permissions.

Your data is always kept confidential. All data are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and professional security process keep always the data center secure and protected.

As CFO by using CashFlowCockpit to populate your daily cash flow with the latest data and by making it available to all business owners or managers, without the reliance on spreadsheets you’ll be sure that the data you’re working with is the single source of truth you can rely on.

Your CashFlowCockpit is accessible anytime and anywhere with any computer device (PC, Tablet or iPad) just with an Internet connection. Take advantage of the exciting, secure cloud possibilities and improve your productivity and collaboration between departments.

Using the cloud technology, CashFlowCockpit reduce the annual operating costs for storage data in comparison with the fixed assets increasing (new Servers) and additionally it does not require software maintenance cost from your IT manpower.

CashFlowCockpit will increase staff efficiency through easy collaboration within your team, including your controller and accountants, wherever they are based. With such collaboration you’ll have all the figures and all the visibility you need when you need it (e.g. during business meeting), allowing you to respond quickly to changing business environment.

Working as part of a team to deliver important work (e.g.during the monthly MIS reporting) between controller and accountants is not only fulfilling, it allows people to feel "job satisfaction" and like they’re helping the company achieve its goals.

CashFlowCockpit is pre-configured, and ready for use and your company can save valuable time and money spent for your IT staff or on outside IT consultation. Moreover we offer free automatically refresh and update, instead of forcing your IT department to perform a manual update. CashFlowCockpit doesn't require the same dependency and burden on IT like other ERP systems, it's the ideal true-cloud alternative to traditional and expensive on-premises solutions.

Any spreadsheet usually takes a) a lot of time, b) a lot of effort, c) many difficulties to manage current and historic data accessibility and d) not suitable for complicated budgets (e.g. consolidated cash flow statement, in daily basis, with many currencies and drill down analysis). Contrarily by using CashFlowCockpit you can make the Cash Flow Management process faster and more effective and at sure it will give extra time for CFO or head account to do more valuable activities.


Our cloud-based Cash Flow Management solution that lets you focus on the right things!

CashFlowCockpit Cloud helps businesses make end-to end decisions with confidence solutions, tailored to your needs.

We’ve designed our cloud-based Cash Flow Management (CFM) system with an open architecture to address the complex and unique needs of any industry. Best of all, CashFlowCockpit gives you real-time insight into cash flow and operational performance so you can manage your business even more effectively regardless of you industry and your sector.

Our completely cloud-based platform, makes it simple to support from large corporate group till business units, branches, plants, small and midsize business. We deliver enterprise-class performance and security for any business size and we can help you with your growing company’s specific needs.

Our customers' data is safeguarded against unauthorized access and remains under secure control with daily backup.and 24/7/365 security monitoring. All data are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and always we are well equipped to provide proactive protection service, at a level of expertise that a midsize company couldn't match.


Maximizing the value of your Integrated Cloud Platform!

CashFlowCockpit support extends the value of your cloud platform and services to achieve business outcomes and additional helps you:

Remote Assistance Support from CashFlowCockpit allows a professional support with our clients, in order to view your computer screen for assist you and work on your computer over a secure connection.

During and after the implementation of the platform, we are committed to delivering Training and Education services to ensure our clients are properly trained and supported.

You can submit any question via our Live Chat service in order to talk directly to one of our Live Chat customer service officers, fast and easy.

You can ask us any technical question 24x7 about our services and one of our customer service officers, will reply you trustworthily.

Data Security and Protection

We are dedicated to protecting your business data. Cashflowcockpit apply the highest level of information security and our goal is to protect your data and ensure it is never compromised. All data are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and always we are well equipped to provide proactive protection service, at higher level of expertise.

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Our Company

CashFlowCockpit is one of the most trusted Cloud Platform, providing Cash Flow Management Services from large enterprises till small and midsize business and also the know-how they need to recognize their company's financial opportunities and make better decisions like never before. We are very proud to work with our customers across the globe to provide value-added services, long term operations and efficient support services.

We make breakthrough cloud platform that change the way companies use Cash Flow Management, bridging the gap between accounting software or spreadsheets and expensive ERP systems.

Our Mission:

To help our clients achieve greater success, by offering fair and added value services.

Our Vision:

Using our Integrity and our knowledge, to become and to remain for our clients the most trusted company.

As an entirely self-funded company, we are driven by our passions and our values. We are focus on the needs of our customers and this allows us making customer care as the first priority in everything we do. So providing the highest standards via CashFlowCockpit Cloud solution to our customers, we believe that, in return, we earn and maintain their trust and loyalty.

Using our passion for the cloud accounting technology parallel with our precious experience as corporate finance executive (more than 20 years), we are able to provide the desired level of personal attention and confidentiality to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

CashFlowCockpit Cloud is a single cloud solution for advance Cash Flow Management, you’ll only need your web browser to access your account, no desktop application is required.

Absolutely your data is always kept confidential. We hosts your data via the best hosting company who uses physical barriers, high infrastructure, network security, nightly backups and a professional security staff to keep the data center secure and protected. All data are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

Yes. CashFlowCockpit is one of the most trusted Cloud Platform, providing Cash Flow Management services from large enterprises till small and midsize business and also the know-how they need to recognize their company's financial opportunities and make better decisions like never before. CashFlowCockpit Cloud starts at $39 USD per month. For more details check out our plans and pricing information.

Easy, by clicking a link like this one: sign up now to try CashFlowCockpit Cloud for free.

Once your trial expires, you’ll have 7 days to upgrade your account to a paid plan. Upgrading will save all of the work you have completed during the 30-day trial. If you do not upgrade within 7 days of your trial expiring, your account will be deleted.

You can start by signing up for our 30-day trial. Or, subscribe to CashFlowCockpit Cloud for more data source connections, the ability to add more users, and in-app collaboration features. CashFlowCockpit Cloud subscriptions start at just $39 USD per month.

You should receive your activation email and to follow the instructions in the email to get started with your account. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your junk folder. Still nothing? Visit the Contact Us page and send us a message.

Subscriptions to CashFlowCockpit Cloud are billed on annual basis your choice.

Yes of course. You can find in-depth help on a specific topic, in the top right corner of any CashFlowCockpit Cloud page.

The basic requirements are an internet connection and web browser; for best experience, use Google Chrome. Features are limited for other browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

If you don’t see your question, please don't hesitate to Contact Us

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